Upload Large files (Videos)

Priority: Very Critical
Request: Built a app which uploads the videos to S3. Videos which has small size like 100MB uploads perfectly fine but large videos 500MB or 1GB when uploads it shows heroku application error page. Kindly let me know what can i do or is there anything which needs to be allowed or changed on heroku server then let me know. This issue is very critical.
Project ID: casana-16538
Project Link: https://app.crowdbotics.com/dashboard/app/16538
Staging Link:
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CC: @alexg

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Hi @nabeelakhtar20, thanks for writing in and welcome to the forums!

Please consider uploading the files directly to S3 bypassing your app. This is possible thanks to pre-signed upload URLs that you can generate with the help of the following libraries:

Both generate pre-signed URLs which allow the browser to upload the file directly to your S3.