View App from CB dashboard (application error)

Priority: Normal
Project code: 19849
I deployed the backend successfully but looks like I am getting “application error” while trying to view the app from dashboard.
I don’t have prod access to see log. please share log / any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

@mahbubur There is error on your code. In the docker file, in this line:
CMD waitress-serve --port=$PORT save_my_paycheck_16080.wsgi:application
This save_my_paycheck_16080 module doesn’t exist in project. Update this to use certified_safe_driv_19849

Thanks @saurav. I changed the dockerfile but still this is the same error.

@mahbubur You added with dashes certified-safe-driv-19849, it should be with underscore as i said above certified_safe_driv_19849.