What is process to add my own scaffold?

As @anand mentioned here that you can add your own Scaffold. What’s the process to do that in a way it will available on my account as well as it can be used by anyone on the platform?

Creating a new scaffold is a three step process.

1. Create the starting project.

You’ll need to create a sample project you want to use as the basis of the scaffold. This can be almost anything.

2. Convert it to a cookiecutter template repo.

We use cookiecutter to generate project code. This is much like Django’s template system or other HTML template systems. See this cookiecutter tutorial for instructions on how to convert it.

Once created this template needs to be put on Github as a public repo so we can fork it. See our Facebook chatbot repo as an example.

If you have trouble with this step the product team can assist.

3. Integrate with our platform

After the cookiecutter template is created it needs to be integrated with out platform. This is something the product team will need to do for you. Let us know when it’s ready and we’ll schedule integration tasks.

Let me know if you have additional questions.