What's the motivation for the Crowdbotics AppBuilder?

It’s a general question, though I hope answer reveals the problem in great detail which CB platform are trying to solve…

Also, want to understand the vision behind CB platform.

Hi Guarav,

15 years ago, you had to pay teams of developers to build and update simple websites. Now, anyone can build a website by assembling scalable parts.

Today, it still takes significant time, money, and developer bandwidth, etc. to build more complex web applications.

The vision for Crowdbotics is to make it easy for businesses and individuals to build web applications quickly and affordably from scalable parts.

Being someone that worked with software development in many different teams and companies, some of these with only a single owner I know how tiresome can be build a reliable and competent tech team. It can take months until a tech coordinator finds a suitable developer in the current market for ANY tech stack, even for the “older” ones like JAVA or C#.

Build tech teams without any knowledge of what is needed could be catastrophic for someone who has a limited budget and only a wish to make his dream happen.

In my vision, what Crowdbotics can also do is to provide this for anyone who wishes or dreams to build a software or a tech company/startup with minimum effort.