What's the procedure to change Bundle ID for ios

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Request: what’s the procedure to change Bundle ID for ios
Project ID: savinraven-16080
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we are facing this issue that the bundle id of the project in the code and the bundle id in apple connect console is different we can create a new app in the apple connect with the right bundle id but the main issue here is that the store is not accepting the bundle id that is set up by default across the project everywhere else which is


but app store connect doesn’t accept that.

Now the possible solution, to me, seems like we can use a bundle id which it accepts and change that in the project for that I wanted to know what changes do I need to make my understanding is that for that I would have to have

  1. New app with new bundle id in appstore connect
  2. New provisioning profiles for that app
  3. Update the fastlane configs
  4. update/create new bundle id connections to google and Facebook login

Kindly guide on whats the standard procedure here

Thank You

@shahraizali I was able to create the App Id but while trying to create an app to the app store connect I can not find the bundle ID from the list.

That happend to me once, my assumptions is that for unknown reason, sometime crowdbotics generate invalid name, but internal api still accepts it. To the point when you actually go to apple console and see the error…
You can only create new id manually, like you just did.

Hi @vlad Thanks for responding.
What other changes did you need to make by changing the app id?
fastlane, provisioning profile etc ?


The issue with bundle Id not appearing while creating new app was that it was attached to a deleted app so we had to go under deleted apps and restore it not sure why it was deleted in the first place but yeah that fixed it for us.