Why should a developer use the Crowdbotics platform?


Again a general question, My assumption is CB platform is for developers?

So is this assumption is correct?

If yes then Why a developer should use CB platform?

If No then Who is a ideal user of CB platform and why should he/she use CB platform?


Hi Guarav

Crowdbotics offers solutions for developers and non-technical individuals; individuals and large teams.

If you are non-technical, Crowdbotics can help you turn your ideas and specs into working code. A non-technical individual can scope cost and build timeline for their project for at http://www.crowdbotics.com

  • Crowdbotics uses machine learning to evaluate millions of software packages to find the right configuration for the job
  • Crowdbotics-certified developers customize and built to your specs
  • Crowdbotics hosts, maintains, iterates, and scales your application as needed.

If you are a developer, Crowdbotics can help you scaffold and deploy applications faster. We are now beginning to surface many of the tools we use internally to build applications in the Crowdbotics App Builder. http://app.crowdbotics.com/dashboard In the Crowdbotics App Builder, you have access to the software building blocks we use to build a wide variety of web apps. You can assemble and deploy basic applications instantly.

We’re adding to our list of features, and expanding the scope and performance of the platform every day: CB platform in 2019