Why Should Engineers Use Low-Code Platforms?

As technology advances, it has reduced the amount of manual work required across all industries. This is especially true for software engineers, who now have several low code platforms available to them that automate huge portions of the coding process.

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As an engineer, how much development time/effort do you think you can save with a low-code platform?

Are there any particular kind of apps you think a low code platform cannot handle?

Good questions, @nakul.shah.

Some market research firms like Forrester claim that low-code platforms can help teams build up to 10 times faster. At Crowdbotics, we more conservatively estimate low-code development to be about 3x faster than conventional development on an average build. Of course, the actual time savings will vary depending on the complexity of your project, your experience as a developer, and how familiar you are with your low-code tooling.

As for app types that low-code platforms can’t handle, that also comes down to which platform you’re using. Generally speaking, though, the following projects aren’t well-supported by most low-code platforms:

  • Apps deployed in tightly regulated sectors
  • Apps requiring deployment to classified or secure networks
  • Apps requiring cutting-edge security
  • Apps requiring a chain of custody for data storage
  • Apps that may be subject to regular source code audits

These shortcomings are a big reason why we’ve built Crowdbotics to generate secure, human-auditable code with configurable cloud or on-premise hosting. Speed shouldn’t come at the expense of flexibility.