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Crypto Portfolio App

Our crypto portfolio app will track Bitcoin and ethereum portfolio real time.

portfolio dashboard

You need to sign-up and just add coins with buying price and quantity. Then you can see where your portfolio stands. Currently we have only two coins Bitcoin and ethereum (Yes !! I am sort of Bitcoin maximalist).

Features —

  • Tracking personal portfolio
  • Monitoring current price

Monitoring Prices using crypto compare widgets

I used bootstrap and simple nodeJs for our Crypto portfolio app. We have used Postgres database and crypto compare widgets.

Portfolio tracking

For portfolio tracking, we have below components.

  • Portfolio UI
  • Real-time price update
  • Database for portfolio persistence

Portfolio UI

We have used bootstrap, and all the portfolio calculation is happening on the front end. CB platform provides full react boilerplate (You can use that). CB platform will add more scaffold with different front-end frameworks in the future.

Real-time price update

We need real-time prices of cryptocurrencies, so we can calculate portfolio standing. We are using crypto compare APIs to get real-time crypto prices. We are running a Cron job which updates price every minute in the DB.

Database for portfolio persistence

We need to persist in all the information, so when user come back, we can show his/her portfolio. We are using Postgres for that, we will be persisting user and portfolio information.

Good job on your app! Looks very nice yet simple.

I have a few questions though:

  • I haven’t added any coins yet but the value for the current portfolio and total change is - 0 and the total change (%) is - NaN. Is this an intended feature or a bug?
  • Did you use a framework for developing the frontend? If yes, what was used?

NaN is bug, will fix it. Thanks for pointing it. :smile:

I used simple bootstrap and html.

Okay cool :smiley:

So just used vanillaJS for javascript?

Bug is fixed

jquery, mdbootstrap and HTML and simple javascript (Vanilla JS).

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Good job on your app.

I found a problem when using the app on small screens, in the /dashboard page, the Select Coin field is covering the Buy price field.

I also have a suggestion, maybe you can add a button in the /bitcoin page, to be able to come back to the /dashboard page.

Ok, will correct 1st one…

If you click on Crypto Portfolio on top, you will come back to dashboard.

though it’s not intuitive.

Done with the UI changes