Enable AWS S3 Buckets

Priority: High
Project Name: Oromic
Project Link: https://app.crowdbotics.com/dashboard/app/16548

Is there a way to enable AWS S3 buckets for this project?

CC: @gaurav.passi @gaurav (Developer Request)

Hi @saif.murtaza, thanks for writing in.

I’ve enabled S3 for your project. Please use the following environment variables to configure it in your project:

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@dmitrii.k @Crowdbotics_Dan

Is there a way to manually access the AWS S3 credentials (not specifically through CB)

CC: @nabeelakhtar20 (BE Developer) can chime in here if needed

Hi @saif.murtaza, thanks for your question.

The credentials are hidden intentionally. The configuration is well-documented online and rather standard. If you are trying to test for some unusual cases, I can issue temporary (24 hours) credentials for your developer.

@dmitrii.k Actually previous backend developer changed the Django code structure that’s why it is not deploying on the Heroku server. That’s why I need AWS Credentials to make the application work.

cc: @saif.murtaza

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@nabeelakhtar20, AWS credentials will not help you debug the build - they are only for the S3 access.

I can see that your latest build has failed with this error:

=== Fetching app code..

=!= There were problems parsing your heroku.yml. We've detected the following issues:

build.docker.web references a Dockerfile that does not exist

Take a look at this article - https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/build-docker-images-heroku-yml

Also, I advise you to add curl to your docker image, because Heroku release logs rely on it.