How to Restart Product Development After COVID

The coronavirus pandemic has made its way around the globe, and there is no near-term escape from it. As the world learns to adapt to the ''new normal'', organizations have been forced to re-examine the way we do business. In the tech world, the crisis has caused delays and even the complete shutdown of product development.

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Can you name a few software products which have gained popularity during Covid-19 lockdowns?

Has Covid-19 caused requirements for any new software products?

Hi @nakul.shah,

Yes, COVID-19 has forced many businesses to move a portion of their operations online. Accordingly, we have seen increased demand for remote tools, remote tool integrations such as Zoom and Slack, online learning and workforce training, and delivery apps – just to name a few.

Software development teams are also adjusting the way they work, which creates new opportunities, such as asynchronous collaboration, and challenges, such as design collaboration and sprint planning in a remote environment.

Here are a handful of articles relating to how Crowdbotics is thinking about remote work and the demand for new software products in light of this shift accelerated by COVID-19.

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