New way to earn money with Crowdbotics

Hey Crowdbotics Crew!

We are developing a new module marketplace. The module marketplace allows customers to browse and buy modules written by our community (that’s you!). You can choose to build and contribute a module to the marketplace, which will be listed for sale at whatever price you choose. Our account management team will be directly selling community-created modules to our customers as part of build plans.

We’d love to know if you’d be interested in participating and what you are thinking about building. Just complete this survey:

Happy Coding!

Hi John,

This sounds exciting. Can modules be one screen or set of different screen components to provide one or more functionalities?

Hi Aman,

Good question.

We’ll consider either option. Some functionalities require multiple screens in order to be complete. If you think it could be a useful feature (or set of features) for users to add to their apps as a prebuilt module, then go ahead and submit your recommendation, and we can dig into the technical details later.


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