App build status stuck on "deploying" & unable to cancel

App ID: 311

Please resolve.

I’ve fixed this project’s status. Please let me know if this happens again.

Thanks @Crowdbotics_Dan. It happened again.

I deployed the app again, deployment was successful (in Heroku), but CB dash is stuck at “Deploying”.

I fixed an additional issue I found with this app. While I was there I also added papertrail so it would have logging like other apps. Let me know if this comes up again.

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Seems to work fine now! Thanks @Crowdbotics_Dan!

Hey @Crowdbotics_Dan, this issue seems to have resurfaced again.
App status is stuck on “Cancel Deploy” (deploying), and it’s not deploying. Please resolve.

I’ve fixed its status.

It seems like most deploys are working for you but sometimes it gets stuck in pending. Is that correct?

Almost always it got stuck, with deployment being successful. Just last couple of times, it got stuck in pending and didn’t deploy.

It’s stuck again now. @Crowdbotics_Dan