Not able to deploy mobile apps

Priority: Medium
Request: Not able to deploy mobile apps
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Additional Info: This project was not set up properly in the beginning due to only new devs and new PM working on it first project in CB and now we are having issues deploying it. Can some core dev check what is missing and help adding the missing structure so that mobile apps become deployable.

Hi all this is standing for a while now and we need help. It became very urgent, devs are trying to adapt it and some progress is made but we are constantly having deployment issues. We need to have app working in the next 10 days and not being able to deploy it is preventing testing for the client and getting feedback.

Can we get a little more data about the specific problem being experienced during deployment? @tony or @Crowdbotics_Dan or @raviitsoft might be able to advise.

It seems the some part of standard CB structure is missing in the repo that is created when new project is created in the Dashboard. The repo was first cleaned due to some issues as I understood and then code was transferred piece by piece by a frontend dev that is first time working for us. He coded the whole project locally and then he now had to transfer the whole code to our repo. This is a guess where to look first, but I am not sure since I took it over in this state. Each time new PRs are merged app is not deployable or has other issues. One thing we found was that S3 is missing so this was added today and this should solve some issues. @awais.khan is the backend dev on the project and he is helping and trying to fix it.

the most probable that case. if the developer changed the CB standard files structure so maybe not support the deploy. I am not able to access this project. I can’t review the file structure or share the details logs? I’ll try to help to fix it. @vlastimir cc @anand

Maybe @vlastimir you can DM Ravi the sharelink?

Builds are failing because the project was renamed from cherry to mixxia. A developer will have to go through everything and replace all instances of cherry. For example, none of the fastlane files have been updated which will cause builds to fail.

Not sure why was this done, but this means if we would to rename it back to “cherry” it would then deploy normally?

If its that simple I would do it right away to reduce already large amount of time we needed to add to stop the fire on the project.

I tried renaming it to cherry but it’s still not deploying.

Long story short, renaming is impossible, as it is entangled in a lot of areas. The easiest solution would be too revert renaming changes through git commit history, the hardest solution would be to find occurrences of old name and update in for new, the core team would not appreciate the second solution :slight_smile:

As for app name on the app store, it could be change to desired and not depend on package name / project name