Data model schema not current

I am mid-way through development of an education application. I am the client; also assisting with architecture. Development is being done by Crowbotics staff. It’s my first Crowbotics project.

I am having a problem with the data models section of the dashboard. The dashboard shows some of the early data models (tables) but it does not show the ones we have created in the last few months.

Here is my guess about what has happened.
(a) The original developer used the controls built into the dashboard data model tool to create the early data models. When created this way, the dashboard graphic is updated whenever a new back end table is created.
(b) Later, the developer added to the back end by creating models directly in Django; these tables did not show up in the dashboard graphic.

[1] An I understanding this correctly?
[2] Is there a way I can update the display?
[3] Has anyone else experienced this?


David Robson

Hi @david.robson,

[1] Yes, that is almost correct. The only thing to note here for (b) is that even if the models are created directly in Django, if they extend from Django’s default models.Model class, then they will show up under Data Models in the CB app dashboard.

[2] It would make sense to compare the previous models and the new ones to find differences and then adjust them accordingly so they show up in the CB dashboard.