Node Scaffold errors

Can someone please help me with some errors when running the Node Scaffold?

I created the project, made the git clone and try to follow the steps listed at Readme file, but I’m having some issues.

Hi Igor – can you tell us what errors you’re experiencing?

yes, I’m using windows and when running npm install, I get this error:

ERROR in bundle.js from UglifyJs
SyntaxError: Unexpected token: operator (>) [./~/query-string/index.js:8,0]

The only thing that I update was the .env file.

I tried to follow the instruction even with this error, and the other commands were working fine until the npm start command. I think these other errors might have something to do with the first one.

I tried to do everything from scratch again, using this new project:

but the same error happens.

Hi, We are currently fixing the Node Scaffold. In the mean time you can try updating package version, that may solve the problem.

Hi, I did the upgrade but that doesn’t solve the issue, I was able to install the packages one by one, but when running npm start I get another error.

Can you please let me know when it is ok to create another project with the Node Scaffold?

Well, we have to update scaffold itself so, may be by EOW or next week.

Hi @igor! I have a fix in the works, that should be set and pushed onto this repo pretty soon.

The only thing is I tested it in Windows and it doesn’t work (due to a command not being able to be run).

If you have Windows 10 (version 1607 or higher) then you have the ability to install the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux). Here’s the Microsoft guide on how to install it:

I would recommend using the Ubuntu subsystem. This will allow you to run our code natively (as opposed to using a solution like cygwin which wouldn’t allow native linux apps to run). Other distros might work, I just haven’t tested them.

Thank you @tylerwbrown. I’ll definitely take a look at it and try to use again.