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We are blocked on this project cause auto-builds for iOS generated by CircleCI are failing. Any ETA on fix of whatever is preventing this from working?
@dmitrii.k @charath @vlad

Hi @vlastimir, thanks for writing in!

I see that your iOS and Android builds succeeded, but the back end build has failed.

I am not talking about those, devs report iOS CircleCI builds per commit are failing. Maybe it was fixed in the meantime, but It was not till 1-2 hours ago and it started failing 2-3 days ago.

Could it be due to the certificate expiration and our new cert?

You’re right! Yes, it is

I’ve found the issue, the new cert and p12 was added to app certs repo without encryption
when fastlane match try to decrypt it with the password and failed

Solution: the distribution cert and p12 have been encrypted and imported to app cert repo

@vlastimir: please try again

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hey @tony I just tried and the issue is still present cc @vlad