Is Low-Code Development the Future of Enterprise Apps?

Low code is a visual technique for developing software. It abstracts and automates each process within the app development life cycle to enable the rapid delivery of a variety of software solutions. By eliminating the complexity associated with writing manual code, it breaks the traditional siloed approach between business and IT and supports continuous collaboration.

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Can you recommend some features which every low-code platform should have?

Can you list some of the best applications that you have come across which leverage low-code development techniques?

Hi @Nakul.shah,

Good question!

There are many different kinds of low/no-code development tools out there.

(Of course, we’re partial to Crowdbotics. :smile: One thing that differentiates Crowdbotics from other ‘no-code’ platforms is that Crowdbotics isn’t really ‘low’ code. It’s ‘full’ code in that when you build with Crowdbotics, you generate full React Native and Django code, and you have the keys to the repository. Crowdbotics gives you the tools to manipulate the same code a development team would use without having to actually code yourself. This makes it possible to build more powerful business applications with Crowdbotics than is the case with other low-code tools where your application is limited to the capabilities of a specific platform. Customizations to a Crowdbotics app are not limited.)

If you’re interested in other Low/No-Code Tools, check out this article, The Best Low- and No-Code Mobile App Development Platforms.

You can also compare how Crowdbotics stacks up against other App Builders here: Crowdbotics vs. Other App Builders


Can I know some examples for using low code development?