Production environment for deployment

Hi @igor
Project : Ex Curator
Do we need separate environment for production or we can use the default provided by CB dashboard, please confirm.

Is there any process or guideline we have to follow before go live, like SSL, domain mapping, DB backup , code review etc.
CC @anand

Hi @ankit, thanks for writing in!

We use Heroku pipelines. Our standard practice is to use the CB Dashboard deployment as production, and set up a separate pipeline for staging (auto-deployed from your master branch).

I suggest you follow the pull request git workflow and test all merged pull requests on staging before deploying them using the CB Dashboard.

SSL is provided by Heroku automatically, both for CB domains and custom domains - just follow the instructions to correctly set the CNAME records when adding a custom doain.

If you let me know the app id I can configure the staging pipeline for you.

Thanks @dmitrii.k

Here is project Dasboard link :
This is chrome plugin not Android/iOS application. We have to upload this on Google chrome store.
We already tested plugin with backend every thing is working fine.Now we have to upload on store only.

What i understand, we can use the default environment as production and upload build to chrome store. For further development you will create staging environment. Please create staging environment, if you need any further information let me know.

Hi @ankit! Thanks for providing some background.

You understand correctly. I’ve just created a staging app for you, it’s available at the following URL:

@Crowdbotics_Dan will now be able to connect it to GitHub and set up automated deployments to staging of your master branch.

Github has been connected and automatic deploys are enabled. Let us know if you need help with anything else.

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@farzpal.singh, Please refer the above thread for staging deployment

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@farzpal.singh, I have approved the PR.

@dmitrii.k May i know if i will merge where it merge the code in Production or Stage branch? Please do needful.

@farzpal.singh Can you take lead here.

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@ankit and @dmitrii.k
Here is the app id:

Hi @ankit, thanks for writing.

As per my message above Production environment for deployment - #4 by dmitrii.k, your staging is deployed automatically from the master branch (whenever there’s a push/merge).

Production is also deployed from the master branch, but only when you click Deploy on the CB Dashboard.

I hope that answers your question!

Thanks @dmitrii.k i am able to access staging app link, but not able to login with default password credentials. May i know procedure to create user for stage (, how can i access the admin panel of staging server?

@farzpal.singh Please discuss further.

Received email notification
An automatic deployment for ex-curator-18446-staging failed. To inspect the failure you can view the build log.

You can check that the user who connected the app or pipeline to GitHub still has access to the app and to the Github repository.

In this case, reconnecting to GitHub will often fix the issue.

If you believe that this build failure was not due to an issue in your app, please open a support ticket.

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Hii @ankit @dmitrii.k anything required from my side?

@anand/ @dmitrii.k , Please take it on priority. delivery is blocked due to this.

@ankit, staging management isn’t supported by the CB Dashboard yet, so please post any requests for creating a superuser/resetting its password, as well as setting env vars here (DM the values to the responder).

I’ve created a default super user on staging for you and DM’d you the password.

That was a temporary failure due to the new Docker Hub limits, which started happening occasionally on Heroku. We’re looking into finding a possible workaround for this.

Your subsequent builds worked and you have a successful release on staging right now.


Thanks can i have staging server admin panel URL, Username and password
can i have user name and password for this. Note: Production server application URL and login working fine which i receive from previous developer, if stage is replicated from production branch same user should work here also.