Web UI not deploying on docker file and logs not showing

Priority: High
Project: myhelpa-15611
URL: https://myhelpa-15611.botics.co/

The app has a web admin which deployment is added in the docker file so it should get build along with the backend. For some reason, this step is being missed. However, the backend is being deployed successfully.

We are blind as logs are not being retrieved. Can someone provide some help/guidance?

cc @mayankkushal @beatriz.ramirez

@Crowdbotics_Dan @dmitrii.k any help here? Thanks in advance

@jorge.m, thanks for posting.

I see a node development server running on port 3000 in your docker-compose.local.yml.

You don’t need to use docker for local node servers serving front end. You can just launch them from the command line.

However, in production, you should add something like yarn build to your main Dockerfile, and make sure collectstatic is run after that step and knows where to collect the built front-end from. Django therefore, should serve the built front end in production.

Thanks @dmitrii.k. We have been investigating on this but we don’t see what is the issue. The web app has been deploying until last week or so.

Having the build logs back would help a lot. Can you help us on this @Crowdbotics_Dan ?

Apologize for insisting @Crowdbotics_Dan but we would need to bring back the logs and I believe you are the best person to help us. Thanks in advance