Alexa and AWS credentials

I need to allow access to Alexa Developer Account and AWS for an existing app that was developed on the platform for one of my clients last year that I am revising and adding enhancements to. This app was developed under a different product manager. How can I get access?

Hi @shannon.davis, thanks for writing in.

Do you require the app to have the expanded permissions that allow it to access the necessary services, or do you need an account for your developer?

@dmitrii.k I need the developer to access the existing app that we developed and all of the required services

Could you please share the app id or name, @shannon.davis?

@dmitrii.k here is the link: deal/1298566792/

@shannon.davis, it seems that your primary app hasn’t got an active deployment. I also shared with you IDs for other apps on Slack.
There are no AWS resources or accounts associated with this app.
Please invite your developer to all of the apps that I listed on Slack so he/she can check what’s been done.

@dmitrii.k Thank you, I will add the developer. We will still need these resources for this project because it is an Alexa application, how can I get this arranged?

You are most welcome, @shannon.davis. I can provide the necessary resources, once you deploy the app and let me know what you need.

You might need to discuss additional costs with @anand.