How do I Create a Github Repository?

I’m trying to create a Github Repository to push Google chrome plugin code. How do I do that?

Thanks for writing in, Ankit! There’s a Github repo created by default for every app. You can access it by going to “settings” and clicking “view code”. Be sure to connect your Github account to your Crowdbotics account first.

Hi Anand,
I’m the developer for the project which is a django app and chrome extension, the django app already uses this automatically created repo for the django app part of the project, but another repo is needed to store the chrome extension source code, what is the procedure for creating this? Can I just create this manually or do I need to follow guidelines?
getting error message 404.

@luke.smith are you able to access it ?

I would simply add the Chrome extension code in a new folder alongside the Django app, and update the README to explain what lives where. You can then, if you so choose, set up a deploy action that deploys the system automatically to the Chrome App Store, or link it to the deployed frontend of the webapp as a download link for private/experimental extensions.

Don’t forget to double-check that the repo is private!

have you linked your GitHub account in your CB Profile? In order to access the repository you need to link your GitHub account, so the Dashboard knows it to invite to the project repository.

Yes already connected, Same issue encountered with Javagram project too.

This is a FAQ. You can disconnect and reconnect your Github account, or try clicking “resend invitation” from the team page, to get a fresh invitation to the Github repo.

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Thanks. Issue resolved, now i can access Github repo.

@luke.smith Can we close this or any further support required.