How do I swap my app's backend from Heroku to Google Cloud Platform?

This request is to help plan moving my app’s backend cloud provider from Heroku to Google Cloud Platform. This is still a few weeks out (~4 weeks) but I wanted to create this thread to figure it out in advance. The move to GCP is for HIPPA compliance reasons.

What is the best way to approach this?

CC: @igor @Crowdbotics_Dan @dmitrii.k

Thanks for asking. Multi-cloud support is available on the Advanced plan and up; you can change both staging and production to a GCP system. I see that your app is on the Advanced plan, so we’ll go ahead and provision a production instance on GCP for you. (@dmitrii.k can help!)


Hello @saif.murtaza. I’m ready to transfer your app. Please let me know when you want the transfer to occur.

Since the project churned, its no longer necessary to transfer. Thanks for the followup though @dmitrii.k

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