Landing Page GitHub repo ownership

After creating a landing page, the GitHub repo appears to be not belonging to my account, since there is no “settings” tab for me. Is that the case?
I assume that I have troubles connecting to Heroku because of that.

Hi Igor! Landing pages you generate should be immediately deployable to the web via Heroku, whether or not you have access to Github settings.

By default, apps are generated inside the Crowdbotics-Apps Github account. If you connect to Github in the Crowdbotics settings menu, you’ll be added as a collaborator on your repo, so you can do anything you want to modify your landing page. Just head into Github and start editing.

Did you push the purple “Deploy App” button at right? If you do, it’ll spin up a coming soon page for you, which is the starter landing page you get. See the screens below for how this looks.